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Wagon Wheel

Cover Art by Matt Aytch Taylor

Wagon Wheel is a hack of Stewpot by Takuma Okada 

Wagon Wheel is a game of restoration that follows former adventurers as they find new ways to help. The evil has been defeated, the calamity is over, the tyrant is dead. Now you and your fellow adventurers travel the land repairing what’s been broken and helping folks find their way in a changed world.

Wagon Wheel can be as wild or as grounded as you want! Want your game to be on the moon and populated by bug people? You got it! Want it to take place in a dusty prairie land where magic is all but unheard of? No problem! Want your wagon to be a caravan of, well, covered wagons? That’s great! Want it to be a giant turtle that is chill with you building all over its shell? I like the way you think! 

No matter how you decide to play this game I hope you have a great time!

  • players: 1 - 5
  • time: can be played as a one-shot (about 4 hours) or a short campaign
  • no prep required
  • what you need:
    • at least one coin for flipping (though three per player is better)
    • a way to take notes
    • a six-sided die


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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This is a BRILLIANTLY written game, it's so easy to build a vast and wonderful and strange world with vibrant and amazing characters. It can be funny, sad, heartwarming, casual, intense, and it's amazing!


this is an excellent game about community, travel, hope, and oh yeah, some wagon wheels. it rules. well-designed, deeply creative, and full of heart. 


Fantastic game about building and helping communities! The split character creation means you'll have plenty of options to create a character with an unique role in an unique world


Wagon Wheel is an absolutely wonderful game full of whimsy and fun and heartfelt moments! i love the Setting table because it has led to every game i've played being completely unique--and the whole concept of the game is beautiful. a story of restoration and healing and community, which will is something we all need right now.